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Using robotic assembly systems, Artaic collaborates with
            Abstract Artistry by Durkan Hospitality won the Best
             of BDNY award for 2022. The collection features the   architects to create custom mosaic-tile installations. This
                       trend of self-expression.               elephant mural at Driscoll Children’s Hospital was made
                                                                            with ¾” vitreous glass.

        anew carpet collection developed from the work of two members of   renovation timelines extending longer than ever before, we’re proud
        ArtLifting, a non-profit organization that highlights work of artists   to be part of the solution.”
        who are impacted by housing insecurity or disabilities.    Jane Rohde, principal, JSR Associates, said innovations in
          Beth James, hospitality design manager, Signature Flooring said   resilient are changing the market, particularly in senior living
        people are tired of the grays: “During the pandemic everybody   spaces.
        changed their gray walls. We want color again.”       “We still see some sheet vinyl in terms of heterogeneous and
          The new Living Sketches broadloom and tile collection is   homogeneous,” Rohde said. “We use some soft surface in resident
        available in 12 coordinating patterns that combine crisp lines, soft   rooms. It’s a combination, a lot of times, with LVT and carpet, and
        curves and intentional brushstrokes. “My quick sketches were the   we are really careful with our transitions.”
        inspiration,” James said. “There’s a freehand movement and energy.   Rohde said luxury vinyl tile leads the way thanks to innovations
        We are going to continue to see that vitality in hospitality spaces.”  in the films, which allow designers to create any look they want,
           Artaic recently launched the Lasting Rugs collection, which   and it’s good for lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics and mobility.
        uses robotic technology to create the look of traditional area rugs   Lastly, sustainability isn’t a trend; it’s a way of life for commercial
        with mosaic tile. Designers can create traditional, contemporary or   flooring specifiers.
        eclectic rugs in vitreous glass, natural stone, glazed porcelain, or   “There is no longer a push from consumers for products and
        sintered glass tiles to be installed on floors, walls, ceilings, pools   companies with sustainable practices, but an expectation of overall
        and exterior facades.                               responsibility, and we couldn’t agree more,” said Novalis CEO John
          Through the company’s proprietary software and robotic   Wu. “Our customers expect that we not only be sustainable in the
        technology, they create artwork that reflects the local community   way we impact the earth with our products, but also sustainable in
        and that incorporates color stories to evoke calmness. For Driscoll   our manufacturing processes, to be socially responsible, and to be
        Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, for example, Artaic   transparent with what goes into our products.
        created a custom child-friendly lobby piece that features two    To help specifiers with information about the contents and
        elephants in cool tones, a color palette shown to have an impact on   attributes of Novalis’ flooring products, the company introduced
        the body’s ability to respond to healing.           Digital Passport, a QR code on the back of its products that links to
           “We’re in a unique position where we’ve created a domestic   a website with up-to-date information about product materials and
        supply chain for a product that is currently on extreme international   how to dispose of the product when it’s removed from a space. By
        delays,” said Artaic Founder and CEO Ted Acworth. “With   making it easy to look up disposal information, the company said it
                                                            will make it easier to reuse and recycle older flooring and reduce the
                                                            amount of waste sent to landfills.
                                                              HMTX debuted a new SRP rigid core flooring that transforms
                                                            waste plastic bottles into responsible flooring. Approximately two
                                                            waste plastic bottles (PET) are upcycled into each square foot of SRP
                                                              HMTX will pursue multiple third-party certifications for SRP
                                                            such as Declare labels, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
                                                            and Healthcare Product Declarations (HPDs), and FloorScore. The
                                                            product is intended to enter the marketplace in 2023.
                                                              “We’ve been in the LVT business for a really long time,” said
                                                            HMTX CEO Harlan Stone. “We’ve seen a lot of changes in this
                                                            industry. From sheet vinyl to peel-and-stick onward to loose lay
                                                            and rigid core, floating floors. We think there’s room for another
              The Oasis carpet collection by Couristan reflects
             preferences for bolder colors and patterns in 2023.   great improvement that designs sustainability into the creation of a
                                                            product. 

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