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         Building and

         Maintaining Relationships is

         the Cornerstone of Success

         in the Flooring Industry

                                                  BY BILL PARGOE, VICE PRESIDENT, NETWORK FLOORING & MAINTENANCE

                 few weeks ago, I shared my career story at the FCICA    to be a part of it. Of course, after doing $17,000 in sales the year
                 2022 Mid-Year Meeting held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I was   before, I was hungry (literally). Somehow, we managed 33 of the
                 asked to speak during the Next Generation luncheon.   100-store rollouts. No question, it was a huge learning experience.
        A e purpose of the Next Generation Committee is to   I embraced the many hours on the road, going from job to job, all at
        focus on preparing the next generation of industry leaders. The   night. This rollout continued and led to other opportunities which
        opportunity to speak with my 21-year-old son Colin in the room   resulted in the growth of our crew to 28 installers and 6 office staff.
        was very moving for me since he grew up in the business – our   During our 20 years in business, we have evolved from a labor
        business, Network Flooring & Maintenance which just celebrated   house to a full-service flooring contractor, concentrating on
        its 20th anniversary. At the meeting, I spoke about how I started   our local area for work. We comfortably run a 10–12-man crew
        the business from the ground up, sharing some of my struggles   throughout the year.   In 2020, my son Colin joined the team full-
        and humble beginnings. One of the key points I stressed was the   time after working part-time since he was 13. At the time of his
        importance of relationships. Our business was built on relationships   transition, we were working on several large self-leveling projects
        and some of those relationships have turned into lifelong   which Colin really enjoyed. We decided to establish a separate
        friendships                                         company, focusing on floor prep and leveling, naming it PFP
          After working in retail for almost 15 years, I began a job with a   Leveling Solutions. Colin thoroughly enjoys his newfound love
        national maintenance company based in New Jersey. In that role,   of self-leveling and now runs a 4-man crew. He continues to help
        I was put in charge of the maintenance and cleaning contractors   with my business when needed and in-between his scheduled jobs.
        at a large electronics retail chain. My job consisted of traveling   I honestly love what I do. And I am thrilled my son wants to be a
        throughout the US to check on the quality of the services we   part of the flooring industry and am proud he has started his own
        provided. I learned the ins and outs of maintenance from routine   flooring journey.
        buffing to stripping and waxing and carpet care; this was my   I hope Colin continues to develop his own business relationships
        introduction to the flooring industry. After 3 years with the   and comes to really understand how important they are in life. I
        company, it became apparent I needed to go out on my own and   would not be where I am today without the key relationships in my
        start what is still today Network Flooring & Maintenance.     life. I am happy to be a guide and resource to both Colin and other
          I started Network Flooring & Maintenance in 2002 and I still   young people making a career in the flooring industry. I hope to see
        remember my first year’s sales were $17,000. Like I said humble   young people advance in the trade and someday take the reins from
        beginnings. Shortly after our first year, I was contacted by a facilities   us older guys. I love our industry, the excitement of it, and the many
        director who remembered me from my previous company. He told   people I have met along the way. I do LOVE what I do.  
        me about a 100-store rollout he was managing and asked if I wanted

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