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        FCICA Regional Meeting in

        Wayland, Michigan

                                                     BY AMY JOHNSTON, CIM, PROJECT MANAGER, FLOORING SERVICES, INC.

                   any FCICA members                                            2505 B.C. when gypsum was first used
                   attended the Mid-Year      FCICA is a “safe”                 in building Egyptian pyramids through
                   Meeting last October in   place for like-minded              the long history of gypsum and concrete
        MFt Lauderdale, FL. At                                                  up to modern time uses. It was not just
        the event, different educational sessions   individuals in the          an educational lesson but a good history
        and demonstrations were presented that                                  lesson.
        ‘re-opened’ my eyes to possible revenue   industry to come                Our first product demo was presented
        sources within the industry that many                                   by Kelli Donnelly, Great Lakes Regional
        of us do not quote or take advantage of.   together - union and         Manager, Protect-All Flooring. Protect-All
        Examples are self-leveling with smaller   non-union contractors,        is for commercial kitchens only, right?
        or portable pumps, Protect-All products                                 The clear answer after Kelli presented is
        not traditionally used and maintenance/  distributors and               no, Protect-All is not just for commercial
        rejuvenation. These Mid-Year Meeting                                    kitchens. Protect-All is for so much more:
        sessions initiated the education sessions   manufacturers and put       animal care facilities, schools, fitness
        presented at the Regional Meeting in                                    areas, locker rooms, healthcare, retail and
        Wayland, MI.                       aside our differences,               water parks. The possibilities can go on
          Members INSTALL and Flooring       bias, rivalries, and               from there. Kelli reviewed the company’s
        Services, Inc. partnered with FCICA                                     product lines - the different sizes,
        to host the Regional Meeting, held on   work towards a                  types (interlocking or not) and color
        November 1 at the Wayland Carpenter                                     lines available. When discussing use in
        and Millwright Training Center. The    common goal to                   healthcare facilities, she touched on rapid
        site was chosen as an ideal location to                                 weld, base and the accessories offered to
        attract members (union and non-union)   educate ourselves and           complement and complete their systems.
        from MI, OH, IN and IL. Area non-  help the industry grow                 Next, two associate distributor
        member contractors were also invited                                    members, Blakely Products and All Tile/
        to attend this one-day event. The goal     and thrive.                  Carpet Cushion Supplies introduced their
        was for attendees to meet, network, learn                               companies and the many product lines
        and strengthen local industry connections in a non-competitive   they offer. Each gave a 5-minute elevator sales pitch. A special thank
        environment.                                        you to them for attending and presenting on such short notice.
          We started the day with an introduction from Christine    We then returned to the training area where Jeremy Waldorf
        Schwartzkopff, FCICA Association Manager, who shared information   presented a product demo. First, he demonstrated Schönox HS
        about FCICA and its many member benefits. Next, our facility hosts,   Sturdy. This product was selected because many may not have been
        Steve McCool, INSTALL Representative and Training Instructor and   introduced to it yet. The product is for ramping/low-slump repair.
        Todd McCastle, INSTALL Representative gave us an overview of   In many instances, self-level technology is overkill and skim coat/
        INSTALL and the history of the facility. Steve then led all attendees   feather products may not be enough or can’t build high enough.
        on a tour of the training facility. We toured the classrooms where they   This product can go up to 4” and be ready for floorcovering in just 4
        conduct hands-on training, not just for flooring installers, but for   hours. The demo board Jeremy prepared was dry to the touch in less
        carpenters and millwrights, as well. The Q&A portion of the facility   than 20 minutes. Next,  Jeremy demonstrated Schönox AP, a self-
        tour was held standing between the fully built ICRA training hospital   leveling product. This product was not new to many of us. However,
        mock-up and the floor layers INSTALL certification area. There, Steve   what was new was the SL340E portable pump. John Potala, Market
        gave us a detailed account of the training and testing floor layers go   Development Specialist for Graco, demonstrated the portable pump.
        through for certification.                          The SL340E can be shipped to a jobsite on a 4 x 4 pallet so it can
          After the facility tour, Jeremy Waldorf, Regional Business Manager   easily be lifted in place and fit into an elevator. It weighs 210 pounds
        Michigan and Toledo with Schönox, presented an AIA educational   and can pump vertically as well. Jeremy shared he has easily fit the
        session: Self-Leveling Technology. Jeremy took us on a journey from   pump and 150 feet of hose into his smaller transit vehicle. The pump

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