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File Name: 22-3155 Ad_RS_Flooring Contractor_Winter_Floors In A Flash
 Page Size: 8" x10.75"
 PR#: no
 Job#: 22-3155
 Number of Pages: 1
 Bleed: Yes
 Amount: .125"
 Artist: Georgina Morra
 1 1 4 4 E . N e w p o r t C e n t e r D r .
 D e e r f i e l d B e a c h , F L 3 3 4 4 2
 Date: November 30, 2022     10:49 AM
 Colors: CMYK Process, 4/0
 N O T E : C O L O R S V I E W E D O N - S C R E E N A R E I N T E N D E D F O R V I S U A L R E F E R E N C E O N LY A N D M AY N O T M AT C H T H E F I N A L P R I N T E D P R O D U C T.
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 22-3155 Ad_RS_Flooring Contractor_Winter_Floors In A Flash.indd   1
 11/30/22   10:49 AM
 22-3155 Ad_RS_Flooring Contractor_Winter_Floors In A Flash.indd   1  11/30/22   10:49 AM
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