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                     A New Year Means New Floor Trends

                         BY PAT KELLY, FCICA CHAIRMAN

             WITH A NEW YEAR, WE THINK OF   was to “improve business conditions in the   Additionally, in 2023 we will partner
           A REFRESH - IN ALL ASPECTS. SO   business of installing floor coverings and the   with our members to host 6 regional
           AS WE LOOK TO 2023, WE CONSIDER   manufacturing, distributing and supplying of   meetings to bring FCICA members,
           NEW TRENDS IN OUR INDUSTRY,      materials and services to the floor covering   networking and education to the local
           INSTALLATION PRACTICES AND       industry.”                        level. We also plan to hold three 3 Days to
           DESIGN. YET, WHEN WE LOOK TO THE   FCICA has evolved over the years,   CIM Program training events throughout
           FUTURE AND IDENTIFY NEW TRENDS,   but the founding vision of these industry   the year. Be sure to take advantage of our
           WE REFLECT ON PAST PRACTICES AND   leaders continues to remain the focus today   regular monthly educational and product
           JUST HOW FAR THE INDUSTRY AND    – and is always ‘on trend’. So while products  webinars, as well as our Monthly Member
           FCICA HAVE COME.                 and practices change with the trends, our   Meet Up.
             In June 1982, ten flooring industry   mission, 40 years later, is a constant: ‘We   While it’s important to be mindful of
           leaders recognized a need for a new ‘trend’   help make commercial flooring contractors   floor trends, FCICA – the resource for
           in the flooring industry. They recognized   successful through expert education,   premier commercial flooring contractors –
           a need for a community of commercial   sharing best practices and professional   is always on trend.
           flooring contractors, manufacturers and   networking.’               On behalf of the FCICA Board of
           distributors.                      In the new year, FCICA will continue   Directors, I thank you for your continued
             Together they formed FCICA, the   its work to advance the flooring industry   support and membership in FCICA this
           Floor Covering Installation Contractors   together with your membership support   past year. We look forward to 2023 – new
           Association, a nonprofit created to “act as a   and through its strong partnerships with   event partnerships, educational programs,
           trade association for all persons, partnerships   other professional flooring organizations.   networking opportunities and trends.
           and corporations who are engaged in the   Indeed, we are excited to announce a   And we look forward to seeing you in
           manufacturing, distribution, and supply of   new event partnership – FCICA and CFI,   person at the 2023 Annual Convention
           materials and services to the floor covering   Certified Flooring Installers, will combine   and Commercial Flooring Trade Show in
           industry and to promote the common business   our respective meetings: the Mid-Year   Tucson, AZ, March 27-29.
           interests of such persons, partnerships   Meeting and the CFI Annual Convention   Happy New Year!  
           and corporations as well as to promote   will be held together as one joint meeting in
           improvements of business condition in said lines   September 2023 at the Rosen Shingle Creek
           of business.” Their vision for the Association   in Orlando, FL.

                              Editor/Co-Publisher:  Loretta Tomfohrde
                              Jeff Golden          FCICA CFO             FCICA, the resource for
                      premier commercial flooring
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        Suite 312             FCICA Staff:         Mary Hawkinson
        Glen Ellyn, IL 60137  Catherine Church     FCICA Communications Manager MISSION:
        t (630) 672-3702      FCICA Executive Director
        f (630) 790-3095  t (630) 672-3702  We help make commercial flooring contractors
                              t (630) 672-3702                           successful through expert education, sharing
        JG Media Group LLC:                        For subscription information,   best practices and professional networking.
        4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd. Ste.   Christine Schwartzkopff  please contact: JG Media Group   This mission is supported by the following four
        560, Westlake Village, CA 91361  FCICA Association Manager  LLC, (805) 870-5171 or email:
        t (805) 870-5171  strategies:
        f (805) 272-9729      t (630) 672-3702                           1. Grow membership and engagement in FCICA.
        Sales Manager/Co-Publisher:  Rick Church                         2. Create opportunities for members to network
        Dan Lipman            FCICA Managing Director                      in large and small group settings.
        t (805) 368-3867      t (630) 672-3702                           3. Expand quality education and certification
                                                                           programs offered through FCICA.
                                                                         4. Increase recognition of FCICA’s value within
                                                                           the industry.

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